Through our grant-making program, STUF provides assistance to various non-profit organizations around the world that support charity relief, education and culture development, environmental protection, and public health. The grant-making program introduces donors to international charitable projects, as well as monitors, and ensures the donations are used in an effective way.

Types of Grant

The following are grants provided by STUF United Fund. Please click on the page Grant Application Forms for related forms and email for questions or further information:

A.General Grant

  • The grant is open to qualified non-profit organizations.
  • Procedure(s)
  1. Qualified non-profit organizations should first submit a Letter of Inquiry and organization information.
  2. The STUF Affiliate Committee reviews the organization’s qualification.
  3. The STUF Grant Committee conducts an initial review of the application.
  4. Qualified organizations should then fill out and submit the Grant Application Proposal.
  5. Grant applications with a grant amount of $3,000 or less will be reviewed by the Grant Committee; applications with a grant amount of over $3,000 will be reviewed by the Board of Directors.
    • The amount of each grant shall not exceed 10% of the annual total grant issued by STUF.

B.Direct Grant

  • A Direct Grant is a direct sponsorship made to non-profit organizations recommended by a qualified endorser
  • Procedure(s)
  1. A qualified endorser (for example, a STUF Director) makes a recommendation to STUF.
  2. STUF may request the recommended organization to provide related documents or information.
  3. The STUF Grant Committee reviews the application.
  • The maximum grant amount is $2,000.

C.Donor Designated Grant

  • A donor-designated Grant is a grant made to nonprofit organizations designated by the donor(s).
  • Procedure(s)
  1. The donor informs STUF and the non-profit organization about the donation.
  2. The non-profit organization submits related documents to STUF and explains how it will use the grant.
  3. Upon the review and approval of the STUF Grant Committee, the grant will be issued to the non-profit organization.
    • The grant will be in the amount designated by the donor.

D.Special Project Grant

  • Special Project Grants are made exclusively for STUF affiliates.
  • Procedure(s)
  1. A special project is discussed and approved by the STUF Board of Directors.
  2. A MOU is signed between STUF and the grant recipient and is approved by the STUF Board of Directors.
  3. The organization receiving the grant executes the project according to the MOU.

E.Emergency Relief Fund

  • Grants for disaster relief work executed by qualified non-profit organizations and residents or local government agencies of the disaster area.
  • Procedure(s)

The fund will be issued based on the approval of the Board of Directors when significant natural disaster occurs.

We are dedicated to promoting and supporting charitable causes in the fields of disaster relief, culture and education, public health, and environmental protection.