Healthcare should be a right, not a privilege. ✊

For some people in Uganda, healthcare services are luxuries that aren’t within reach. According to the World Bank Group, about 55 percent of Ugandans can be considered to be poor, and AIDS is one of the main causes of death and illness among young children.

In Uganda, the Hope Clinic provides a wide range of healthcare services to people who may not otherwise be able to afford them. These services include family planning, dental service and general medicine; and they are generally offered at cheaper prices than other hospitals. The clinic serves 200-300 patients per month, and has helped find a lot of people in the community suffering from HIV. With this discovery, the clinic expanded its services to include HIV testing and ARVs. The lab also provides comprehensive examination, so people in the community can be assisted without needing to travel to hospitals that are far away.

STUF United Fund contributed funding to help build the clinic. Currently, the clinic needs financial support from Cherish Uganda, a nonprofit organization that aids HIV positive children living in Uganda, to provide the salaries for staff and to buy medicine for patients. The clinic wants to become financially sustainable so that the general funds from Cherish Uganda can be used for more children in need.

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